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Kick- Ass 2


Director: Jeff Wadlow

Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey

Written and directed by Jeff Wadlow, Kick Ass 2 was always going to have a different feel to Kick Ass the first. I can tell you now that it’s not entirely for the better.

Kick Ass/Dave Lizewski (Taylor-Johnson) has given up his night-time vigilante antics since everyone else is having a crack at creating their own outfits and personas and jumping on the bandwagon. However he soon becomes restless and decides that mundaneness isn’t for him and enters a rigorous training regimen with his old acquaintance Mindy Macready A.K.A Hit-Girl (Moretz). Cue montage.

Meanwhile, Chris D’Amico (Mintz-Plasse) formerly known as ‘Red Mist’ is unintentionally killing his mother and shortly thereafter re-inventing himself as ‘The Motherf-‘ well you get the idea. Now he’s on a villainous crusade to bring Kick Ass to account for killing his father and collects a colourful menagerie of the world’s most violent and dangerous to help him. Kick Ass 2 attempts to recreate the unique sense of fun that made the first film the hit that it was but falls pretty short. The reasons behind this are a script that lacks any kind of intelligence and gags about diarrhoea, vomiting and erectile dysfunction that could’ve been written by your average eight year-old. I honestly think I could’ve written a funnier film using nothing but my toilet brush for inspiration.

You’d think comedy gargantuan Jim Carrey would be the ace up the proverbial sleeve but alas, even he is woefully underused and unable to save this film from itself. One saving grace is the adrenalin-pumping action sequences but even they take a turn for the worst as several cops are shown getting brutally massacred in quick succession – normally this wouldn’t phase me but asides from it being unnecessary there was something gleeful in the way that this particular scene was shot that made me feel uncomfortable in a cinema for the first time in… I think ever.

The general tone remains pretty low and the line between action and action/comedy is, at the best of times, blurred.

I wanted to enjoy this as a laid-back and fun film after seeing the first movie but the lazy script, confused message and overall oppressive mood of it prevented any possibility of that happening. I’m a fan of black comedy but this didn’t even reach the point to qualify as comedy.


-Saul Nix


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