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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

2013/ USA

Director: Thor Freudenthal

Starring: Logan LermanAlexandra DaddarioBrandon T. JacksonAnthony HeadStanley TucciNathan Fillion

Based on the bestselling novels by Rick Riordan, the sequel to The Lightening Thief resumes (granted it’s been a good three years) with our heroes on another quest to save not only themselves and the unsuspecting world, but also their parents…. again. Talk about “No Pressure”.

Demi-god Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) is enjoying a carefree summer at Camp Half Blood, where the norm involves beating the crap out of other campers with swords, shields, and spontaneous gymnastics. Not to mention chilling with centaurs and satyrs and being chased by deadly metal fire breathing bulls….. You know, regular camp stuff. Little do our happy campers know, that almost being run down and flamed to death is only the tip of the iceberg when they realise they are no longer safe as the tree that forms a protective barrier around the camp has been poisoned. The only chance our heroes have of keeping their safe haven from being overrun by various monsters is going to look for a long deemed lost mythical garment.

Although the quest to hunt down said garment wasn’t given to Percy personally, he feels like it’s something he’s meant to do, and he knows it can’t be done without best friends Grover (Brandon T Jackson) and daughter of Athena Annabeth (Alexandria Daddario). Though it is never revealed how when or why, the tree did not mysteriously decide to poison itself, Percy’s arch nemesis Luke (Jake Abel) (providing us with that villainous but attractive in that angry tortured soul way) is back with a better action plan to take down the gods on their thrones at mount Olympus. He has regrouped and is bringing out the big guns but in order to put the last piece of the puzzle in place he needs the same thing our heroes do, and thus the race is on.

Everything seems to happen in a very quick succession of events, almost as if they don’t want you to realise how empty the film is. Granted our heroes as demigods live slightly different lives than what we would be accustomed to, there is no reason for them not to be acting their age. It’s as if the script was written very close to the book in which our heroes are no more than thirteen at this point (that’s where the similarity between novel and film starts and stops). There was no passion or enthusiasm in what the characters were doing, almost as if the whole film was a run through, and we were waiting for the director to shout “Now once more with feeling!” just as the end credits thankfully rolled up. The film managed to keep its head slightly above water with a few witty one liners from sassy satyr Grover, the occasional fight sequence and let’s face it, Logan Lerman.

The film ended with an opening for a sequel (naturally), which if it follows the chronological order of the books will be entitled: The Titan’s Curse. Let’s hope it’s third time lucky for the franchise and fingers crossed we won’t have such a long wait for its release, and if we do with any luck it looks like they’ve put that time to good use.


-Jen Francis



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