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Gimme the Loot

2012/ USA

Director: Adam Leon

Starring: Tashiana WashingtonTy HicksonZoë LescazeMeekoAdam MetzgerJoshua RiveraMelvin Mogoli

Now this film is categorized under new releases but it has been in and out of cinemas since May and will probably come back at some point before it’s DVD release. This is a huge positive for anyone that hasn’t seen it as it’s a lovely film and one we think you’ll all enjoy.

The film revolves around Sofia (Washington) and Malcolm (Hickson) who decide that they are going to attempt to graffiti the famous ‘home run apple‘ at the New York Mets‘ Baseball Stadium, Shea Stadium. To do this they must beg, steal and borrow across town in an attempt to raise $500 to get entry into the stadium to pull of their prank. If they initially come off as professionals the result of the film is to show how they are simply two kids with big dreams as they have a bike, a phone and even their own shoes stolen from them.

Director Adam Leon shot the film as a pseudo- documentary, with all the shots being unplanned and the dialogue improvised throughout. Leon took to the streets quite literally with his casting and cinematography to give us as much reality as possible.

The two leads are very good, especially Tashiana Washington as Sofia who across the two days the films takes place has to deal with all of the hard parts of being in a graffiti crew. She loses pretty much all of her possessions and ends up worse off than when she started.

The film’s most compelling element is the the relationship between the two leads. They spend the majority of it’s 81 minutes (yes it is that short) apart but their is obvious chemistry between them when they share the screen. One of the film’s final shots (featured above) shows Sofia asleep on Malcolm as they near the end of their journey. Their relationship is subtle but also sweet at the same time. Leon here is trying to show us that the thing you want most in the world can sometimes be right in front of you.

It won’t win any awards for being highly original nor will it change your life but if you have some time to spare you’ll come away from Gimme the Loot feeling refreshed having being given a look into honest human emotion that is portrayed excellently on screen.


-Josh Senior


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