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Ruby Sparks

2012/ USA

Director(s): Jonathan DaytonValerie Faris

Starring: Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, Chris Messina

We all have expectations don’t we? Whether it is in careers, life itself or relationships? If you could design your perfect relationship, would you? Ruby Sparks does just that but to what success is it? This is a phenomenal film that is so intriguing because everybody that has been or is in a relationship can apply themselves to and maybe gain some perspective regarding the reality of a “perfect relationship”.

Paul Dano gives a fantastic performance as Calvin, a young novelist who struck fame early in his career yet is struggling to compete with himself for fame with a second novel as well as struggling for success in a relationship. Luckily for him, he strikes success, following a long battle, in a novel about a young woman called Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan). To our surprise and Calvin’s surprise, Ruby is there in his house. They embark upon a wonderful relationship together, but is it really so wonderful? Calvin initially despairs at the idea that his character is there in his living room, but as he comes to terms with it, he writes his perfect relationship and lives it. Is this relationship going to be all that it is desired to be?

Ruby Sparks is from the same team that brought us the luminous ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and brings us the same excellent excitement. What is great about Ruby Sparks is that it exhibits the reality of most relationships and the notion that many people try and control their relationships and change their partner according to their deepest desires; but Ruby Sparks epitomises the reality of this by illustrating that we cannot control life and make it exactly as we want but have to allow for life and relationships to take their own path, and in this case, follow their destiny. This film allows us to follow the ups and downs of a relationship and observe how it is modified to be the perfect relationship. What we do see is that although Calvin has the power to design the relationship, there are many complications. With every desire he holds, it cannot be perfect despite how hard he tries. It portrays how far people will go to have perfectionism and how controlling and changing a relationship or a person will go too far because it is not natural in spite of the hard work that a relationship takes. The most intriguing idea in this film is whether this is all a fantasy of his or whether it does actually happen? Has it already happened? Or is it his pure imagination and a coincidence that it becomes real? There are many questions and all I can suggest is that you watch it. Not only will you enjoy it thoroughly but you will gain a little perspective on your own relationship. The added humour is not to go amiss, and is definitely recommendable.


-Becca Darbyshire

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acwm-UAZ3OQ


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