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Look Ahead: Star Wars Spin- Offs

So this week Disney again did the unthinkable, for now not only will be getting an all new Star Wars trilogy directed by J.J Abrams but also Disney are going to commission several Star Wars spin- offs focusing on individual characters. Director Zack Snyder said last week that he was planning on making a film based on ‘The Seven Samurai’ set in the Star Wars universe and now it seems that the likes of Han Solo, Chewbacca and maybe even Jabba The Hut will get their own stand alone movies… wow. The rumourr mill seems to suggest that Yoda is up first for adaptation and this would make sense seeing as he is the oldest character in the franchise, can you imagine an origins story based on Yoda??? The mind boggles!

Now just for fun we’ve put together a little list of the films (and their proposed titles) that we’d make if we worked at Disney. Now these are just for fun… but please leave your suggestions below we’d like to hear your ideas as well!

1. Boba Fett: Space Hunter

The basic premise for this film is amazing. An orphaned clone of a murdered bounty hunter who in turn grows up to become a bounty hunter himself. Our first thought for possible spin- offs fell to Boba Fett who is often considered the coolest character in Star Wars even though he speaks about three lines across the two films he features in as an adult. The film could see Boba travelling the galaxy attempting to track down and kill Mace Windu and any other Jedi he can get his hands on to avenge his Father and also see him come to terms with being a clone. Our casting choice: Tamer Hassan

han solo

2. Han Solo: Journey to the Four Corners of the Galaxy

Now Harrison Ford is set to pick- up his famous role in J.J Abrams new trilogy but an origins story about Han could well and truly be a huge success. The character made sci- fi stylish (see picture above) and is renowned for boosting Ford’s career over Mark Hammill‘s and making Han Solo one of Star War’s most loved heroes. The film could see his planet of birth, how he came to acquire the Millennium Falcon and just how he got into all that debt with Jabba The Hut. We’d need a younger man in the role and so our casting choice (provided by Saul Nix) would be James Franco.

3. Chewbacca: Lord of Kashyyk

Yes we all love the furry Wookie don’t we? And an origins film set largely on Chewbacca’s home world of Kashykk could really be fun. Although the absence of any human characters would mean we’d need a lot of subtitles to fully understand what the hell they mean when they do that voice thingy. We already got a little look at Kashykk in ‘Episode III: Revenge of the Sith‘ but we’d like to see more and also how our furry friend came to hook up with Han Solo and abandon his kind entirely. Our casting choice: Anyone with a terminal throat condition.

4. Count Dooku: Jedi of Darkness

A personal favourite character of mine is Count Dooku who got very few chances to shine in the Star Wars films to date. He is a character with an immensely deep back story; a former pupil of Yoda’s who trained Qui Gon- Jin and then defected to the Sith. The potential for a film here is MASSIVE and would help clear up some of the merely mentioned bits of information we have on him already. Now as Christopher Lee is about to all but shut down the casting of this role would have to change. He’d need to be someone of thespian qualities and so our choice would be Benedict Cumberbatch (pictured above as Khan in this year’s Star Trek: Into Darkness). He is set to play the villain to end all villain’s in Star Trek and should his move into sci- fi be a success he could very well make a compelling young Count Dooku… and our choice for a young Qui Gon would be Nicholas Hoult. We’ve already started on the script… so watch this space.

Send us your suggested titles and plots and let’s start counting down the days until Star Wars Episode VII finally lands… we simply cannot wait…

-Josh Senior


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