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Eye on Xmas: Elf

2003/ USA

Director: Jon Favreau

Starring: Will Ferrell, James Caan , Bob Newhart , Daniel Tay, Zooey Deschanel

Elf isa charming, good natured Christmas family comedy full of laughter, joy and Christmas spirit. Is there one Christmas film that you love? Is it full of Christmas spirit, joy and laughter? But most of all what we all love is a good romance!  Will Ferrell gives a non-surprising astounding comical performance as Buddy. This phenomenal film also features a satisfactory performance by Zooey Deschanel as Jovie, Buddy’s true love.

Buddy was initially an exploring baby in an orphanage who stumbled into Santa’s sack and ended up at the North Pole, being raised as an elf. Eventually, he grows so big compared to the other elves that Santa, played by Edward Asnerm, allows him to visit New York to find his birth father Walter Hobbs (James Caan). However, Walter is on Santa’s naughty list for being naughty and rude due to a past problem of his own and he has no idea that Buddy even exists. Ultimately, Buddy finds his father but he has to adapt to real life and New York culture, which he does with great difficulty, meeting chaos along the way. Nevertheless, despite how much Buddy tries to help his father and develop a relationship, he interferes with Walter’s job and results in Walter re-evaluating his career and what is actually important.

I have to say that Elf is consistently comical and Will Ferrellprovides a fantastic humorous performance throughout the film. He portrays himself as a naive, innocent elf in desperation for a real family, to know who he is, find true love and make people believe in Santa and have Christmas spirit. Throughout the film, it makes you laugh, not hysterically, but consistently. Also, the love story that is thrown in makes people even more drawn to the story and feel Christmas love. If you want a happy film, full of Christmas spirit, Elf is the one.


-Becca Darbyshire


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