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TV Eye: Fresh Meat Series 2

Creators: Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong

Starring: Zawe Ashton, Greg McHugh, Kimberly Nixon, Charlotte Richie, Joe Thomas, Jack Whitehall, Tony Gardner, Jelka van Houten, Sophie Wu


This week heralded the end of Fresh Meat series 2 and what a series it has been. Writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong proving their esteemed talents in comedy writing once more. Not only do they have the incredible Peep Show to their name and the massive indie hit Four Lions but now they have now established Fresh Meat as another superb and successful comedy franchise. This series saw the laughs increase as the wayward gang of students become more interactive with one another and with that hilarity ensues.

For those of you unaware of Fresh Meat, here’s the low- down.

The programme revolves around 6 first year university students who have all missed out on university halls and have instead been allocated a room each in a grotty student house. And you can imagine the rest… drinking, fornication and general stupidity. It’s the dialogue though that makes this show so brilliant. Every line is one to be remembered, some of the best being “It’s coming you soup fuck!” and “Look I’ve drawn a cock cat”… if these make little sense now, they will, after a comprehensive watch of all the episodes. Now to Series 2…

This series saw the gang return after the christmas holidays. Howard (McHugh) is the same as ever, happy to lay about in his dressing gown whilst planning a career in the oil industry. His life however is thrown into turmoil with the arrival of surly new housemate and mature student Sabine (van Houten) and yes Howard does get some romance.

Kingsley played by Joe Thomas of ‘Inbetweeners’ fame is back and has molded himself a new hipster image in a bid to avoid becoming embroiled in any awkwardness between him and former flame Josie (Nixon). Kingsley now sports a “lovely” soul patch beard and has taken to wearing hats and douching out on the guitar.

Josie has found a new best- friend Heather (Wu) and is attempting to create a clique with her called ‘The Mental Dentals’. It is fair to say that Josie has gone off the rails after the mess she caused in Series 1 and is often seen downing bottles of wine solo. The writers have made her a much better character in this series, before she was rather one dimensional and simply unlikable  in this series we see her funnier side even though it does result in a gruesome incident with some dental equipment. Heather also moves herself into the house through starting a relationship with Kingsley and becomes the most hated house mate in the show to date. To quote J.P “Everything she says sounds like a hipster joke” she is very annoying and acts as the barrier between Josie and Kingsley.

Oregon/ Melissa (Richie) is now trying to repel the advances of her former lover and tutor Professor Shales (Gardner) whilst trying to get an internship working for his wife on the Rombus Literary Press. She only complicates the matter by engaging in a relationship with the Shales’ son Dylan unknowingly  We see Oregon attempting to move on whilst struggling to keep her secret buried.

Then there is the hilarious J.P (Whitehall) ever present and ever crude as per usual. J.P isn’t much changed unless we count the episode set at his deceased Fathers country estate, it is the first time that we ever see him without his bravado and become emotionally fragile. On the whole he’s the same as ever and we revel in his dealings with the mumps, homosexuality and a friends French cousin.

The highlight of the show though is really Vod (Ashton) miraculously strange and abnormally dressed Zawe Ashton has created a cult comedy character in Vod. We recoil at her various outfits and laugh hysterically as she too finds love for the first time (though it is brief), takes a new job cleaning hotels and helps drink a famous poet under the table and ultimately to his death. Much akin to Super Hans in Peep Show she is often the driving force of scenes and never fails to amuse.

We won’t divulge anymore plot details and events here but do not miss this show out, its one of the best to come out of this country for years and is available to watch from Series 1 to 2 in full in 4 On Demand (follow link). Here’s to Series 3… even though it is so far away, we literally cannot wait for it to  return!


-Josh Senior


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