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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

2012/ USA

Director: Bill Condon

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Michale Sheen, Dakota Fanning, Mackenzie Foy

Breaking Dawn Part II is the fantastic film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s no.1 bestselling novel Breaking Dawn. The second half of the breathtaking romance is a classic story of star-crossed lovers whose worlds and hearts have collided. The Twilight Saga features a newly awakened vampire Bella Swan played by a surprisingly more charismatic Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson also stars as the dark yet charming Edward Cullen along with the fearless Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner. The love triangle as we once knew it is over as is the ageless struggles between vampire and werewolf as the worlds combine to protect the new arrival of Renesmee, half human, half vampire baby, from the powers of the powerful Volturi.

The previous Twilight Saga’s having brought us fear, danger, passion, jealousy have brought us battles between vampire and werewolf, passion and hunger, good and evil. Bella has finally become a member of the one and only Cullen family and is enjoying her new life, powers and daughter as she adapts to the struggle of being a newborn vampire, facing the hardship of thirst, anger and newborn powers. Little do they realise there are unforeseen and shocking developments for their newly found family happiness. The Cullens cousin, vampire Irina (Maggie Grace) believes Bella and Edwards daughter Renesmee is an Immortal Child who threatens mankind. Irina rallies the Volturi, who think that a child like Renesmee could challenge their power and existence. Consequently, this family bliss is threatened again as Alice (Ashley Greene) foresees this vision of the Volturi’s decision to destroy the Cullens. The vampires and werewolves unite to assemble any allies they can to protect the Cullens, whether this means an ultimate, crucial battle or not.

Breaking Dawn Part II illustrates the phenomenal story of love and fearlessness to protect the ones you love. The film exemplifies the measures you will go to in order to protect people you love. Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner each provides an entertaining and enjoyable performance as three who have finally come through to unite and fight for their lives. There are some changes to the wonderfully written Breaking Dawn by Meyer, however I argue that director Bill Condon does this justice as these changes, though surprising, are intriguingly compelling and keep the audience engaged. Some may dislike these changes but I say they are captivating for the audience and the film gives everybody a piece of what they want. The film adaptation of the novel encourages the audience to engage with the story, with the characters and gives you Twilight fans the thrill and desire to be part of it. Although there is waiting to be done for some action, it does build up the tension extremely well, provides us with hints of humour and is emotionally enthralling. A must see for anyone that loves a good romance, a bit of action and a gripping story and a perfect summary of Meyer’s literary work.

-Becca Darbyshire



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